A Message from the Bishop

Bishop Joseph Atem

The vision of the Diocese of Renk, since its founding in 1995, has been to spread the Good News of Christ Jesus to all people in the Northern Upper Nile region.

My vision, by the grace of God, is to build on the foundation laid here by Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul, and the clergy and people of Renk Diocese. 

I have been part of this work since 1994, and pray that I can lead this Diocese on the path it has followed from the beginning by continuing those efforts.


Our priorities include:
•    Working for Peace, Justice and Reconciliation throughout the region
•    Leading the fight against poverty through economic development so all people can be self-reliant
•    Continuing the training of clergy, women, and youth in various fields
•    Continuing the literacy program
•    Strengthening relationships in the ECSSS, with ecumenical partners in the Sudans and around the globe
•    Building up and strengthening the diocesan basic and secondary schools
•    Continuing to expand and strengthen Renk Theological College; and
•    Strengthening the cluster of the Dioceses of Renk, Malakal, and Bor

Please pray for me and for the people of the Diocese of Renk and the Sudans that our work will be blessed by God.

Yours, in Christ,




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